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Thank you for your contribution to the success of Iraq Finance 2017. This year’s event was particularly, effective, businesslike, candid and friendly and it achieved all its aims.

We are grateful to many of you who made Iraq Finance 2017 an outstanding event and special thanks to Dr Mudher Mohamed Saleh, Advisor to the PM on Economy, Dr Mahmoud Dagher, Director General for Financial Operations at CBI and Mr Ahmed al-Kinani, Chairman of Parliamentarian Committee on Economy and Finance, for their exceptional contributions to the event.


Special thank you is to our sponsors in particular, Asiahawala (Platinum), Standard Chartered (Gold), ISC-Qi Card (Silver), Shell (Silver), Association of Banks in Lebanon, International Development Bank (Iraq) and others.

We would also like to give our thanks and gratitude to Marwa al-Nasaa, IMF, Zaid Badr, IFC, Dr Joseph Torbey, Chairman of Association of Banks in Lebanon and Wissam Fattouh, Secretary General of Union of Arab Banks. Our thanks also extend to representatives from Iraqi banks: Rafedain, Rasheed, TBI, Nahrain, Senaei (Industry bank) and others. We also grateful for the active participations of representatives from Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

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We already received many congratulating remarks from delegates and sponsors and we feel very humble to their support and kindness and we like to thank them all.

Once again Thank You for your supported and encouraged to achieve an excellent event on finance and banking services in Iraq, Iraq Finance 2017.

Symexco Team

Thank You

أشكركم على مساهمتكم في نجاح المؤتمر العالمي حول المالية والمصارف في العراق 2017. وكان هذا مؤتمر هذا العام على وجه الخصوص عملي وصريحة وودي وقد حقق جميع ألاهداف التي وضعت لها.

نحن ممتنون لكثيرين منكم الذين جعلوا من مؤتمر العراق المالية 2017 حدثا بارزا وناجحا. وشــكر خاص للدكتور مظهر محمد صالح (مستشار رئيس الوزراء) والدكتور محمود داغر (المدير العام للعمليات المالية في البنك المركزي العراقي) والسيد أحمد الكناني، رئيس لجنة الاقتصاد والاســـتثمار في مجلس النواب على مســاهماتهم الاســـتثنائية في انجاح هذا المؤتمر.

اقرأ المزيد...

ونود ان نشكر بصورة خاصة الشركات التي رعت هذا المؤتمر المهم وعلى وجه الخصوص، شــــركة آسيا-حوالة (بلاتنيوم)، والبنك العالمي ستاندرد جارترد (ذهبي)، وشــركة كي-كارد (فضي)، وشــــركة شل (فضي)، وجمعية البنوك في لبنان، والبنك الدولي للتنمية وشـــركة خيرات النعمانية وغيرهم.

كما نود أن نعرب عن شكرنا وامتناننا الى مروا الناعسا من صندوق النقد الدولي وزيد بدر من مؤسسة التمويل الدولية والدكتور جوزيف توربي رئيس جمعية البنوك في لبنان ودكتور وسام فتوح الأمين العام لاتحاد المصارف العربية . وكذلك نتوجه بالشكر إلى ممثلي المصارف العراقية: مصرف الرافدين, مصرف الرشــيد, المصرف التجاري (TBI), مصرف النهرين, مصرف الصناعي, والمصارف الشركات الاخرى. كذلك نحن نشـــكر كثيرا المشـــاركة الفعالة لممثلين وزارة النفط ووزارة الصناعة والمعادن.

وفيما يتعلق بمتابعة الحدث، يرجى ملاحظة ما يلي:

  1. توصيات المؤتمر، الرجاء النقر هنا
  2. صور من المؤتمر, الرجاء النقر هنا
  3. فيديو مختصر لهذا الحدث, الرجاء النقر هنا (ســـينشـــر على هذا الموقع قريبا)
  4. فيديو للكلمات الرئيســـية في المؤتمر، الرجاء النقر هنا (ســـينشـــر على هذا الموقع قريبا)
  5. تقرير موجز عن المؤتمر, الرجاء النقر هنا (ســـينشـــر على الموقع قريبا)
  6. لإجل ارسال تعليقاتكم حول الحدث، اوي اي نقاط اخرى يرجى النقر هنا.

لقد تلقينا العديد من التهاني والتبريكات والتشجيع من المندوبين والرعاة، ونحن نشعر بالتواضع الشديد لدعمهم ولطفهم لنا ونود أن نشكرهم جميعا.

شــــــكرا لكم مرة أخرى على دعمكم ومســـاندتكم على انجاح مؤتمر المالية والمصارف في العراق IRAQ FINANCE 2017

فريق ســــايمكســــكو


Welcome to Iraq Finance 2017

2017 is a decisive year for Iraq’s strategic efforts to sustain economic progress and develop new financing opportunities. After years of turmoil Iraq is finally looking towards a peaceful future rife with potentials and opportunities. After implementing long awaited structural and administrative reforms which have begun to reveal the immense investment potential in an economy poised for expansion, the country’s government is committed to continue on its prosperous path by providing security and promoting transparency.

Iraq’s economy has proven unrivalled resilience, facing and overcoming first and foremost the sharp decline in oil prices in recent years. More and more the country is opening up for privatisation and is offering new opportunities for foreign direct investment across the industries, particularly seeking international partners to modernise its financial services infrastructure. Being less dependent on oil revenues Iraq continues to seek new partnerships to deal with a number of urgent fiscal and political issues and fund infrastructure projects to boost the oil and gas, electricity and transportation projects.

Connecting Iraq with global decision makers, this is an event too important to miss. Under the Patronage of H.E Ali al-Allaq, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq leading financial figures will gather in a way that no other event can, key Iraqi officials, more than 200 investors, global corporate leaders, bankers, finance and legal professionals, and the most influential personalities on the banking sector in the region.

The Iraq Finance 2017 conference gathers  all major stakeholders involved in directing the economic development of Iraq.

The Opportunity

  • Hear from the highest ranking Iraqi officials
  • Discover opportunities in Iraq’s banking, finance, and oil industries
  • Network with top delegates from the banking, finance, investment, insurance, and security sectors
  • Discover new business niches
  • Exhibit your services to senior Iraqi officials, as well as an international investment audience
  • Seal deals with top decision makers
Iraq Finance

What attendees think about past Iraq Finance events?


Why Attend?  

  • Hear from the highest delegation of Iraqi Officials
  • Examine the state of Iraq’s banking sector
  • Network and deal-making opportunities with top-decisions makers
  • Discuss sources and structures of finance
  • Attend the biggest annual event on banking and finance in Iraq
  • Benefit from exclusive keynote speakers
Conference 2017
Conference 2017

What's new for 2017?  

  • Financial sustainability in Iraq in light of declining of the oil incomes
  • Risk management: steps towards fair, efficient, transparent financial sector
  • Private investment in Iraq - new finance and investment laws
  • Strategies to boost financing of the SMEs
  • Practicalities of project financing: power and construction industry case studies
  • Technological modernisation and world-class solutions for the banking sector
  • Investment plans in physical and electronic security of banking institutions in Iraq

Key Topics  

  • Reforms for accelerating economic growth and developing the financial system in Iraq
  • Foreign direct investment in Iraq in light of the new finance and investment laws
  • Sectors with strong FDI potential: power and utilities, transportation, social infrastructure
  • Investment priorities and project development: opportunities for private sector participation
  • Public private partnership case studies: success stories in Iraq infrastructure development
  • Risk reduction and management: steps towards fair, efficient financial market
  • Financial sustainability in Iraq in light of the declining oil incomes
  • Restructuring of government-owned Rafedain and Rasheed banks: prospects of work
  • International perspectives on developing effective financial system in Iraq
  • Improving Iraq’s financial systems through technical partnerships with international companies
  • Adopting international banking technology innovations
  • Status of bank security in Iraq: physical and electronic security
  • Opportunities for the growth of Islamic banking in Iraq
Iraq Finance

Benefits of Attending  

  • Get an inside view of Iraq’s financial and banking infrastructure and the major opportunities for investment and partnership.
  • Hear about the ongoing reforms that have been carried out since 2014 to boost project lending and kick-start consumer finance.
  • Become directly or indirectly involved in the modernisation and growth of one of the most profitable emerging markets today.
  • Gain direct exposure to senior representatives from several government organisations including the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Iraq, and National Investment Commission.
  • Identify projects that require immediate financing and mechanisms for developing specific risk allocations to suit circumstances on the ground in Iraq.
  • Hear regional experts and C-level executives present their long and short term financing strategies for Iraq.

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Latest news

Trump welcomes Iraqi PM Abadi to White House

20 March 2017
Trump welcomes Iraqi PM Abadi to White House

US President Donald Trump greets Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi upon his arrival to the White House in Washington, DC on Monday.

Iran Starts Pumping Oil from Azar Joint Oilfield

18 March 2017
Iran Starts Pumping Oil from Azar Joint Oilfield

Iran on Tuesday, March 14, began pumping 15,000 barrels/day of crude oil from Azar Oilfield which it shares with Iraq.

Zain Group names new CEO

14 March 2017
Zain Group names new CEO

At its annual Ordinary General Assembly in Kuwait on Monday, Zain Group appointed a new Board of Directors for the coming three years.

Japan supporting Community Police Centers in Kurdistan

14 March 2017
Japan supporting Community Police Centers in Kurdistan

Japan supports the construction and rehabilitation of the Community Police Centers in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Trump signs new 'Muslim ban' on six countries

06 March 2017
Trump signs new 'Muslim ban' on six countries

US president signs order after courts blocked previous directive, with latest list of banned countries narrowed to six.

$12bn Boost for UK Firms in Iraq

06 March 2017
$12bn Boost for UK Firms in Iraq

The United Kingdom has agreed to provide up to £10 billion ($12 billion) of support to Iraq over the next 10 years through loans to infrastructure development projects under UK...

Bank Sepah Expanding Ties with Iraq

03 March 2017
Bank Sepah Expanding Ties with Iraq

The CEO of Iran‘s Bank Sepah, Mohammad Kazem Choghazardi, has said that since the lifting of sanctions his bank has been active in Iraq.

Oil Export, OPEC Cut Effects and Budget Implications

27 February 2017
Oil Export, OPEC Cut Effects and Budget Implications

Monthly data during the first half of this year are important for Iraq for two main reasons: they reveals the test of OPEC-cuts and how Iraq is actually comply with...

ABB in $500m Iraq Electricity Deal

27 February 2017
ABB in $500m Iraq Electricity Deal

Iraq has reportedly signed a $500-million agreement with Swiss-Swedish ABB to implement energy transmission projects.

Saudi foreign minister makes rare visit to Baghdad

25 February 2017
Saudi foreign minister makes rare visit to Baghdad

(Reuters) Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir made a rare visit to Baghdad on Saturday, meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the premier’s media office said.

Iraq seeks to Clamp Down on Gun Ownership

24 February 2017
Iraq seeks to Clamp Down on Gun Ownership

Iraq is working to regulate the activities of private security companies and rein in the chaotic circulation and use of weapons.

Ministry of Oil announces New Refinery Investment

23 February 2017
Ministry of Oil announces New Refinery Investment

Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has announced the offering of a new investment refinery in Basra province.

Looted Iraqi Art, Since Recovered, Will Be Shown at the Venice Biennale

20 February 2017
Looted Iraqi Art, Since Recovered, Will Be Shown at the Venice Biennale

Looted art and ancient works from Iraq that have never been exhibited outside that country will appear in its pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year, organizers announced on...

Japan approves $100m Loan to Iraq

08 February 2017
Japan approves $100m Loan to Iraq

Japan has approved a loan of about $100 million to support humanitarian, counter-terrorism and infrastructure projects in Iraq, a Japanese embassy statement said on Tuesday.

Iraq Begins to cut Oil Production

06 January 2017
Iraq Begins to cut Oil Production

Iraqi oil minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi confirms Iraq's commitment to cut oil production beginning of 2017 in accordance with OPEC decision.

U.S. Airstrikes Weaken Al-Qaida, ISIL Terrorists

06 January 2017
U.S. Airstrikes Weaken Al-Qaida, ISIL Terrorists

A series of precision U.S. airstrikes against al-Qaida operatives this week in northwestern Syria’s Idlib province killed more than 20 militants and destroyed eight vehicles and nine structures, Pentagon...


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