Dr Latif Rashid

Advisor to the Iraqi President

Dr. Rashid is current Senior Advisor to the President of Iraq. he is the formar Minister of Water Resources, and is one of the longest serving Minister in Iraq since 2003. During the most critical period in the nation's history. The former regime's destructive policies brought into Iraq several wars, and a decade ling economix sanctiions that cumincated in the 2003 war with the eventual change of the regime.

The water portfolio in Iraq in 2003 was seen by many a major challenge as the economy of Iraq was essentially in ruins, and the nation's infrastructure was suffering from years of neglect and lack of maintenance, and enforced by self-harming policies such as the draining of the Marshes.

After eight years of Dr. Rashid's leadership, the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) has become a permenant ministry with a continually inccreasing annual budget of exceeding 1 billion USD. Revitalizing and running the MWR with more than twenty five thousand staff and numerous daily challenges in rehabilitating the water resources infrastructures Undertaking.

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